Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) is a public university, located in Erbil City of Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Since its establishment in 2012, EPU has been dedicated to providing a multifaceted education through our educational model of technical education, which consists of technical colleges and institutes in 11 campuses. In recent years, EPU has been taking inventiveness for a comprehensive and structural reform and entered a new era of unprecedented growth, focusing on labour market needs, research and internationalization.


EPU is the offshoot of Foundation of Technical Education, which was founded by Kurdistan Parliament in 1993 under the name of Foundation of Technical Institutes. It started working effectively to run the technical institutes in 1996, because previously these institutes had run by Foundation of Technical Education in Baghdad. In 2004, its name changed to Foundation of Technical Education. Recently, it was converted to Erbil Polytechnic University by KRG. Currently, this university has three technical colleges and eight technical institutes. It encompasses around 400 teaching staff and around 11,000 students. The university council, which is the utmost authority, includes the president, three vice presidents and the deans of technical colleges and institutes. The vision of the university is ensuring a creative, comprehensive, and technical education, based on labor market needs, that focuses on providing local stakeholders needs and the dynamic needs of Kurdistan Region. Iraqi Kurdistan is by far the safest region in Iraq.

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Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The Kurdistan Region is an autonomous region in Federal Republic of Iraq. It borders Syria to the west, Iran to the east, and Turkey to the north, where fertile plains meet the Zagros mountains, and is traversed by the Tigris, Big Zab, and Little Zab rivers. Erbil city (Hawler) is the capital of the region. The currency is Iraqi Dinar (IQD).

The Kurdistan Region’s official languages for government purposes are Kurdish and Arabic. The two most widely spoken dialects of Kurdish are Sorani and Kurmanji. Other dialects spoken by smaller numbers are Hawrami (also known as Gorani) and Zaza.  Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Chaldean Neo-Aramaic and Turkmani are also spoken by their respective communities.

Security in the Region

The security situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is very different from the rest of Iraq. The official Regional guard, the Peshmerga forces, are highly trained and experienced in providing and enhancing security. The Asayish (or police security force) work in close cooperation with the Peshmerga (or regional guard) to provide comprehensive protection against threats and help with routine police matters.

To maintain the level of peace in Kurdistan, there are checkpoints on the borders and city perimeters. Separate advice must be sought for travel throughout Iraq outside of the Kurdistan Region. We also recommend that visitors consult travel advice issued by their country of domicile for visiting other parts of Iraq. For more details, you may click the links below:

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